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Thank you for visiting our website. Water District No. 45 was incorporated in 1931 with 35 connections; we currently serve 1,011 connections in North Highline near White Center. The District is governed by a Board of Commissioners who are publicly-elected citizens living within the District's service area.

The water this District provides is supplied from the Cedar River Watershed which is located in a remote, uninhabited area of the Cascade Mountains and is managed by the City of Seattle. Large transmission pipelines conveying water to our area are maintained by the City of Seattle. Water District No. 45's distribution system is connected to these pipelines by three separate taps on large transmission mains.

Rate Information, billing questions and additional general information can be obtained during normal business hours by phone or stop by and see us.

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King County Water District No. 45 has approximately 1,011 meter connections.  
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King County Water District 45 is pleased to provide you with our 2017 Water Quality Report. To receive a hard copy of this report, please contact Water District 45 at (206) 762-3540. To view this report, click on the link below.  
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