-----------------=------Water District No. 45 Rates
---------------------------------Rate Information  

The Commissioners and staff of Water District No. 45 continually work to hold down the costs of operating, maintaining and enhancing the District.

Please note that the reference "ccf" or Hundred Cubic Feet describes the unit of measure. One ccf is equal to 100 cubic feet; 100 cubic feet equals 748 gallons of water.

----------------------=----Rates Effective April 27, 2018  
  Water 1-10 ccf $4.75/ccf
    11-25 ccf $5.75/ccf
    26-9999 ccf $6.75/ccf
--------------------------Base Rate $18.50 per. unit / month  
----------- All Irrigation water will be charged at the highest tier of $6.75/ccf  
-------------------------Street lights - $2.50 per. unit / month